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Emilie Duval releases very personal new album “Autoportrait”

In 2012, Emilie Duval released her first album called “Natur’elle” as well as her first single “Uh Baby”. Since then she has done a lot of performances with her own songs but also with her rather successful project “Tribute to Céline Dion“, her idol since childhood.

The last months Emilie worked hard to finish her new album which is way more personal, more intimate. With the precious help of Claude Zeimes, she has recorded some wonderful songs. Most of them are ballads with strong melodies and beautiful orchestral arrangements. You have to listen for yourself. You only have to wait a little bit as the new opus which is called “Autoportrait” will be released on 17th March 2016 at Alvisse Parc Hotel.


The release party will not just be a concert, it will be a show, with dancers and string orchestra.

My contribution

I am very happy that I was able to contribute a song to this new album called “Hisser la grand’ voile”. I composed the music some time ago and Emilie completed it with nice lyrics and an amazing melody. Claude Zeimes then rearranged it for this album. What a nice collaboration. I would also like to thank Emilie for her trust in me as her graphic designer :-)

One song for free

There is one more thing: Emilie is giving one song called “Crois en tes rêves” to download for free. Just visit her website to download it:


Strysles to release debut EP “Tic Tac”

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First-H Revival Concert and Birthday Party

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Show with Eric Martin from Mr. Big

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Jazz Crimes 4tet at Bluesexpress 2015

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Website back online

Website back online

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